Lead BI Analyst : El Segundo, CA : Full-time

As the Lead Data Analyst at Manduka, you'll play a key role in analyzing our unique data and driving business decisions across the company. You'll work closely with all business departments to identify data needs, create ETL pipelines, and build rich reporting and analysis.

Our primary system of record is Netsuite, and our primary BI tool is Tableau. In your role, you'll work to become familiar with NetSuite, along with other internal system databases, in order to create theappropriate data sources in Tableau for analysis. You'll help understand data needs from differentdepartments, create and maintain the key data sources, and build influential reporting across Manduka. 

To be successful, you'll need to be comfortable with: 

  • Relational databases (setting schema, building tables, indexing keys, etc.)

  • Tableau and Tableau Server (creating dashboards, maintaining automated reports, etc.)

  • Data access management (creating user accounts, setting permissions, monitoring access logs,etc.)

  • ETLs (creating and maintaining data pipelines, writing transformations in SQL)


  • Create Tableau reports and dashboards.

  • Manage Tableau Server, and our data warehouse.

  • Empower users to add and analyze new data sources.

  • Identify process improvements that can be solved by leveraging Tableau


  • 2+ years experience with Tableau and/or similar BI tools.

  • 2+ years experience with Netsuite and/or similar ERP systems.

  • Proficiency in SQL.


  • Familiarity with Netsuite's API.

  • Profiency in Python or another scripting language.

  • Experience in maintaining production databases.