When Should you Start Planning for your Holiday Pop-up Shop? Today.


Yes, we know its summer and most people aren’t even thinking about the holidays yet…but you should be if you want to have a successful pop-up shop. There’s lot to think about and plan for so we put together a list of 5 things you can do now to ensure your pop-up is a smashing success this winter.

1. Budget. This should be first on your list, as it will help you to put together all of the below items!

2. Location. Pop-up shops have become increasingly popular and the holidays are an especially fashionable time to have one. Given this, desirable spaces can become limited. Our friends at Storefront ( are a great resource to find the perfect location for what you need.

3. Merchandise. Curate the collection of items that you will showcase in the pop-up, keeping in mind climate appropriate items, i.e. warm weather products in the south.

4. Marketing. Decide how to best broadcast your pop-up to your customer base. Consider a combination of in store marketing, social media, signage and influencer outreach. You could also run a promotion to help convert online traffic to in store traffic.

5. Staffing. Pop-ups require candidates who are aligned with your brand philosophy, reliable, retail focused and customer service oriented. Think about your goal and vision for the pop-up and be sure to choose candidates that can bring that to life. We recommend over hiring & training the staff to be ready for whatever the pop-up throws at you.

We hope this helps to jump start your preparation for your holiday pop-up shop and as always, we are here to help with any staffing needs. We’ve already started working with some of our brand partners to get ready for their holiday pop-up and we’d love to do the same for your company!

Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile and Get Noticed

We are in a candidate-driven market, yet some job seekers are experiencing challenges landing a job… or even getting a response. In the age of online career portals and applicant tracking systems, enhancing your LinkedIn profile may increase your digital visibility. 

Taking these 5 simple steps will have recruiters reaching out to you, and hey, you may land your dream job:

Maximize your Headline real estate.

The Headline on LinkedIn appears right under your profile pic. It is prime real estate for your career focus, job title or skills. Here is where it’s fully acceptable to call yourself a “Creative Ninja”.

Your Headline gives a quick snapshot of who you are on LinkedIn via a few well-chosen keywords. It is also how recruiters and companies search for you. It is very important to have the job title that you are interested in somewhere in your Headline so that recruiters can find you when they source candidates.

There are numerous ways to format your LinkedIn Headline. While some people put their exact job title and the company they work for as theirs, others list their key skills or traits. For example, a basic Headline could read, “Designer at XYZ” versus a skills-based Headline could read, “Pattern maker, Flat sketcher, and Fashion Disruptor who is passionate about Innovation and Design”. Both examples work; but if you want to stand out of the crowd, use a unique Headline that draws people in and makes them want to click your page and read more about you.

Set Your Industry and Career Interests.

In addition to recruiters using keywords, job titles and headlines to search for qualified candidates, they also source using the Industry and Career Interests filters. Setting these filters, is often a one-time task. 

Whichever industry you are looking to work in, set that as your Industry so the right recruiter can find your profile. This will not only save yourself time, but also save the recruiter time as well. It is a win-win for both.


Another section to review is Career Interests. Are you looking for a full or part time role? Remote or onsite? Permanent or temporary? Let your preferences be known. Recruiters often search for candidates based on Career Interests. So, set yourself up for success in the job search by telling recruiters what your skills are and what type of work you want.


Turning on the Open to Opportunities function will allow people searching LinkedIn to find, recruit, and ultimately, hire you.

To learn more about setting your LinkedIn Career Interests and turning on the Open to Opportunities function, visit; 

Add Relevant Jobs, Education, and Volunteer Experience. 

Now that you have created a unique Headline that explains to people who you are professionally, and have set your Industry and Career Interests, now it is time to add all relevant roles, education and volunteer experiences. Recruiters will often search LinkedIn by specific job title. They will narrow their search for candidates who currently, or in the past, have the same job title. Therefore, if you are applying for a job, make sure that job titles can be found on your profile. Recruiters may also search for specific degrees, schools or higher education. So, if you have a degree, list it. If you have certifications, list those, too.  

Check your LinkedIn Inbox daily.

If you are a current job seeker and actively applying for open roles, then it is important to check your inbox for replies from recruiters. There are times when we have received a reply from a candidate asking to set up an interview months after we emailed them about the job. Time is an important factor in the field of recruiting and job seeking, so if you are on the job hunt then act with a sense of urgency and have open and fast communication.

Your LinkedIn profile should reflect your professional brand.

Your LinkedIn profile is about your career history and your experiences which brought you to where you are now. Perhaps you are a growing Designer or a powerhouse Creative Director.  Your LinkedIn Profile is a great place to broadcast your professional brand and when an employer or recruiter visits your LinkedIn profile, your professional brand should stand out. For example, if you are looking for a job as Creative Director, your page should showcase the titles, skills, dates and experiences you have had in that capacity. As always, the information on LinkedIn should closely match the information on your current resume.

The five bits of advice above are a great starting point for getting yourself more noticed on LinkedIn, and in hope, have recruiter’s and companies reach out to you about jobs. Should you continue to apply for jobs that you’re interested in? Definitely! The advice we provided are great ways to add to your job search and garnish greater visibility on LinkedIn so that you do not exhaust yourself with submitting application after application with no results.

About Emerging Blue:

Emerging Blue is a creative talent resource partner that represents freelance, temp-to-perm, and full-time talent in Fashion, Home and Beauty. We fill jobs from San Francisco to New York, and everywhere in-between. We represent top candidates, the hottest brands and innovative companies of all shapes and sizes. If you need recruitment and hiring support, we would love to partner with you. Our talent is your strength.

Top 3 Things We Learned from the Holiday Pop-up Season

What a wonderful Holiday season! It helped drive retail sales for many companies. According to Mastercard, total US retail sales rose 5.1% between November 1 and December 24 from the prior year. As you were out shopping, you probably noticed at least one pop-up shop. They have become more and more popular as they give a fresh twist to the former all brick and mortar retail environment. In addition to an influx in commerce, retail hiring rose this past Holiday season as well. According to the Labor Department, 312,000 jobs were added in December 2018. That number includes many seasonal retail jobs.

Since the holidays have come to a close, we want to take a few moments to step back… give out some high fives, and reflect on what we learned by staffing a record number of pop-ups across the country. 

The top three trends we saw for a successful pop-up this season:

Plan out staffing needs. We cannot stress enough how important it is to hire, at least, 25% more staff than you think you are going to need. Life can be busy around the holidays and this applies to the staff you hire. Plan for additional staff to cover increased business or any ‘holiday attrition’. To keep your team engaged and committed to your pop-up, plan to pay and train them well.  Development of a well-trained and informed team will make the short-term sales associates feel like they are part of your brand.

Create a lasting relationship with your customers. Channel all of your resources to find ways to continue the retail momentum you’ve built by leveraging in-person interactions, digital or social media, and to extend the brand experience beyond the event. You’ve gotten them excited about your brand and now you need to stay top of mind for their future retail purchases. One example is to interact with customers on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook so you can stay connected after the pop-up shop closes.

Have an end game. Plan out how the pop-up shop will close and make your staff aware of your plans. Will you need them to work after the shop closes to wrap everything up? Are they good candidates for working any permanent retail locations you have? Consider offering a bonus for working through the entire pop-up or consider those candidates for future full-time positions with your company.   Either way, your end game, is as important as your roll-out plan.  Execute both and your pop-up will likely be a success.

To sum it up, it is critical to develop a thorough and practical staffing plan, create a lasting relationship with your clients, and have a long-term game plan. Mapping out those three key areas will have you on the right path to a highly successful pop-up event. As always, if you need support, our team at Emerging Blue would gladly connect you with the best pop-up event staff.

About Emerging Blue:

Emerging Blue is a creative recruitment agency that represents full-time and freelance talent in Fashion, Home and Beauty. We fill jobs from San Francisco to New York, and everywhere in-between. We represent top candidates, the hottest brands and innovative companies of all shapes and sizes. If you need recruitment and hiring support, we would love to support you. We fill jobs from Visual Merchandisers and Keyholders to Luxury Retail Store Managers and Sales Associates. Our talent is your strength.

Top Five Staffing Tips for Pop-up Shops


As the retail landscape changes and evolves, pop-up shops are quickly becoming a great way for a brand to get consumers to touch, feel, and try on their products… without having to make the commitment to a permanent retail space.   Many landlords, commercial real estate firms and companies, like Storefront (, can help find the perfect location.

Whether you are looking to showcase a new line, engage with your customers or generate brand awareness, hiring the right people to work your pop-up shop can be as important as your product and your location.  Maximizing the customer interaction with your brand and hiring the right temporary employees is often the key to success.  

At Emerging Blue, our pop-up clients have benefited from our “Top Five” list of things to keep in mind when staffing the perfect pop-up shop.

  1.  Hire like your Brand depends on it – Your employees and staff are your brand. As pop-up shops are becoming more and more popular, it’s important to hire employees that can take customers through the full brand experience.  From greeting them to establishing a connection to the product, it is key to hire Brand Ambassadors that are friendly, eager, enthusiastic and approachable.

  2.  Over hire – Life happens, and employees sometimes do not show up. For a successful pop-up, make sure you are covered for the unexpected. We always recommend that our clients hire and train at least 20% more people than they think they will need.

  3.  Train, Train, Train – We suggest providing your Managers, Sales Associates and Brand Ambassadors with training materials and an in-person training session that covers your brand story, products and store technology.  A staff that understands these, will make sure everything runs smoothly once the shop opens.  

  4.  Plan Ahead – We cannot stress this enough. Allow enough time to source, hire and train great employees.  Plan for your projected volume, hours, product training and internal systems.  Devising a plan to have the proper sized staff to maximize sales will set you and your team up for success.

  5. Agency Partners – Find a staffing agency partner that can help you with the points above.  It is beneficial to use an agency to manage your hiring needs, if you do not have enough bandwidth to do so.  Agencies will source, hire and take care of new hire and payroll needs for your pop-up shop employees. This allows you to focus on the execution of your event and not focus on details like payroll, workers compensation, taxes, and other additional HR expenses for your pop-up shop staff.

In summary, with the growth of pop-up shops, it is key to understand what makes a pop-up shop effective, as well as how to attract the right talent to work the event. A few takeaways to remember, make sure you hire staff that represents your brand well. Additionally, staff must be friendly, energetic, approachable, and a fit for the brand; this will also help to drive traffic and overall sales. For the staff to be successful, make sure they are well trained and fully understand their job duties. Most importantly, hiring enough staff will make a positive impact on the event, so make sure to over hire and have a plan for when people call out and for any unexpected emergencies that may occur. Lastly, finding reliable and top talent can be a challenge, so to save time and money, reach out to a staffing agency, like Emerging Blue, to support your hiring efforts so that you can focus all your attention to bringing your vision to reality.

* To engage Emerging Blue to help with pop-up staffing, contact us at 415-543-6636 or